Florasearch Inc.
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Tell us about the person you need. We approach directly those candidates with the proven history of success you require. We then help you hire the right person the first time. Guaranteed, unconditionally... Searches performed nationally and internationally, wherever our industry has a need.
Posting a job-specific classified ad is not professional search. It is a passive posture that rarely produces the right person the first time.
Many of the key individuals now running the greater horticulture/green industry were placed by Florasearch.
Florasearch does not recruit from its client companies. No resumes posted, no positions posted.

Methodology: Big Grower/Greenhouse Product News article.

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Florasearch, Inc., performs searches on a retained basis only. Part of our fee is paid at search initiation. Florasearch does not work on a contingency basis. Please call, or email a time and number for one of us to call you. This is high touch key employee search. We need to talk with you. But please feel free to email an initial inquiry.

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